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Best Tasting Cookie Strains

  • Banana Runtz

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  • Obama Runtz

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  • Black Cherry Gelato Strain

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  • Zerbert Strain Backpackboyz

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Cookies bud was created to provide premium quality cookie strains to cannabis consumers. Cookies Fams recently created a wide number of exotic cookies strains. A few of this strains already quickly gaining popularity include:

  • London Pound Cake Cookies Strain
  • Cheetah Piss Strain
  • Gelatti Strain
  • Ice cream cake strain

Cookies also had alot of collaborations with sister farms. Such as backpackboyz, lemonade strains and minntz. This led to the creation of exotic strains such as:

  • Number 33 Backpackboyz
  • Apple gelato strain
  • ooh la la lemonade strain


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